Articles Volume 4 Number 1 - December 2008

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Sociological Dimensions Of Bilingual Communication In Yorùbá And English In A Cosmopolitan City: A Case Study Of Ìbàdànland
Wálé ADÉGBÌTÉ & Emmanuel Táíwò BABALOLÁ Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) [Abstract]

Teacher Attitude And Student Performance In Indigenous Language Learning In Lagos
Harrison Adeniyi & Rachael Bello Lagos State University (Nigeria) [Abstract]

Universal And Language-Specific Patterns Of Categorization
Panos Athanasopoulos Bangor University (Wales, UK) [Abstract]

A Paradigm Shift Away From Method-Wise Teaching To Strategy-Wise Teaching: Reconstructive Strategy Versus Communicative Strategy
Ismail Baroudy & Mohammad Mohseni-Far Shahid Chamran University (Iran) [Abstract]

Television As Activity System: A Vygotskian Study Of Puerto Rican Pre-Schoolers’ Behavior And Second Language Acquisition From Animated Films
Lourdes A. Encarnación Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico) [Abstract]

La Construcción Narrativa De La Identidad A Través Del Conflicto Y La Ventrilocuación
Moisès Esteban, Josep Maria Nadal & Ignasi Vila Universitat de Girona (Spain) [Abstract]

The Concept Of Stopwords In Persian Chemistry Articles: A Discussion In Automatic Indexing
Mohammad Reza Falahati, Qadimi Fumani & C. S. Ramachandra University of Mysore (India) [Abstract]


El Caso Gladys Arias: Mujer, Cuerpo Y Palabra
María Luján Cáceres Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (Argentina))

Stress Inoculation And Spirituality
Zoran Vujisic Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)


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