Articles Volume 4 Number 2 - October 2009

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The Impact of Sect-Affiliation on Dialect and Cultural Maintenance Among the Druze of Jordan: An Exploratory Study.
Mahmoud A. Al-Khatib & Abdulaziz A. Alzoubi Jordan University of Science & Technology (Jordan) [Abstract]

Investigating Parameter Resetting by Persian Learners of English as a Second Language: The Case of Null Subject Value
Alireza Jalilifar & Zohre G. Shooshtari Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz (Iran) [Abstract]

Libel in the Mass Media as a Linguistic and Legal Question
Tomo Korosec & Monika Kalin Golob University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) [Abstract]

Intercultural Bilingual Education and the Officialization of Culture in Perú
Ana Saroli Acadia University (Canada) [Abstract]


How Words Go to War: Doublespeak and the War in Iraq
Angel M. Arzán Santaella University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

Complejidad y Emergencia en Lingüística y Ciencias de la Comunicación
Albert Bastardas-Boada Universitat de Barcelona (España)

On ‘Multiple Wh-Fronting’
Grete Dalmi Eszterhazy College (Hungary) & Kalman Dudas Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary)

Some New Perspectives on Lexical and Functional Categories: Revisiting Brown’s ‘Fourteen Grammatical Morphemes’
Joseph Galasso California State University (United States)

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