Call for Papers

Call for Immediate Submission of Papers. Final date for submission: January 14, 2012.

The Journal invites submissions of articles to be considered for publication in forthcoming issues of Glossa scheduled for publication in March and October.


Glossa strives to publish high quality peer-reviewed research articles in various areas of Social and Human Sciences that pertains to the study of language. The editorial board also encourages commentaries, responses to commentaries, reviews, and key concepts.


Articles for Glossa can be written in English or Spanish.


Manuscripts for publication should be sent to the Principal Editor via email at: or by regular mail to the following address:

Dr. Zoran Vujisic
Language Research Center
School of Social and Human Sciences,
Universidad del Turabo
P.O. Box 3030
Gurabo, Puerto Rico, 00778-3030


Glossa is published two times per academic year during the months of March and October.


Glossa is intended for the English and Spanish speaking audiences throughout the world.

We welcome submission by email. All papers will be subject to the normal peer review process of the Journal. Please submit papers for this issue to:

Dr. Zoran Vujisic
Language Research Center
School of Social and Human Sciences
Universidad del Turabo
P.O.Box 3030
Gurabo, Puerto Rico 00778-3030
Phone 787 743-7979 ext. 4795

Preparation of a Manuscript


Manuscripts can be written in either English or Spanish.

Authors are requested to include the following: title, abstract, keywords, figure and table captions, and bibliography.


Each Manuscript should include:

- a title (as concise as possible);

- the names of the authors, preceded by their first names in full;

- the postal address of each author, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of
the author who will correct the proofs;

- an abstract;

- a list of keywords (maximum 8);

- the text of the Manuscript;

- figures and tables, always with a caption;

- bibliography.


Submitted Manuscripts should not use more than 6000 words including bibliography or 12 printed pages. A printed page contains about 500 words per page.

The abstract should not exceed 150 words.


Each figure or table should be submitted in a separate electronic file, or on a CD-ROM. Color figures should, if possible, be avoided. If they are thought necessary they should be brought to the attention of the Principal Editor.

If a figure or table has already been published, the authors must have permission from the publisher of the original article: permission to reuse the figure or table in both a paper journal, and electronically should be requested.


Only American Psychological Association system (APA Publications Manual, 5th ed., 2001) is acceptable.


This should not exceed three lines.


Manuscripts submitted for consideration can be sent by post.

In all cases, articles should be sent in a modifiable electronic format (see below), accompanied by a paper version or PDF file.

The electronic version can be supplied either on disk (CD-ROM ) or sent by e-mail, or submitted on-line.


a) Text: Microsoft Word 5.0 or later.

b) Figures, Illustrations and Graphics: Computer-generated figures should be sent in the following formats only: EPS (from vector graphics packages such as Adobe Illustrator); TIFF and BMP (from raster graphics packages such as Adobe PhotoShop) note that the resolution must be no less than 600dpi (300dpi for grayscale); PDF; MS-Word. Figures in any other format should not be sent.

c) Tables: Microsoft Word only.

Please check that the files copies to a disk, or placed on the Electronic Submission site correspond to the final version of the manuscript.

Preparation of the electronic version:


Manuscripts will be examined by at least two referees (from the Review Board). If they judge the work suitable, because of its scientific content, to be published in Glossa, they will remit it to the Principal Editor who is responsible for all publications in Glossa, and has the final decision on accepting a Manuscript.


Only Manuscripts definitely accepted by the Principal Editor will be printed. The proofs will be sent directly to the corresponding author, normally by e-mail, with the instructions for correction and ‘Forms for Authors’. At this stage, only minor typographical corrections are allowed. Corrections should be sent whenever possible by e-mail, but can also be posted to the above address, as rapidly as possible.