The Book of Puerto Rico is a writing compilation on the status of the Island during the first 25 years of colonization of the United States (1898 - 1923). It covers an ample range with subjects written by an extensive group of collaborators who lived in the Island for the time.

"Keenly conscious of the great responsibility which we thus assume, and desiring to present the facts as they actually are, leaving everyone at perfect liberty to draw his own conclusions, and convinced that this task was impossible for any one man to shoulder, we resolved that all the main human activities of the island should be presented, and determined that each particular subject treated should be entrusted to the very person who, through careful examination, should prove himself best posted by first-hand knowledge to represent Porto Rico on his specific subject before the Congress of Public Opinion, and at the same time urging each contributor to make himself fully aware of the great responsibility that he shared with us, and to realize that because it was honorary it was all the more binding."


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